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Costa Rica – San Jose and Tamarindo

Over the last ten years, the reputation of Costa Rica as a travel destination has grown leaps and bounds. Good places to visit include San Jose and Tamarindo.Costa RicaLocated in Central America, Costa Rica is a country with a lot to offer. The country is unique because the costal areas present some of the nicest […]

Hello from Chicago – What a Fabulously Photogenic City

Yesterday I woke up at 5:00 am Chicago time and I figured I might as well get ahead of the crowd at the Arlington House Youth Hostel and take an early shower. At 6 am I was already on the Internet, recording my first impressions of this exciting city and by 6:30 am I had […]

Travel Guide – Chicago

Chicago is one of the great cities of the world and one of my favourite destinations for long weekend getaways. Here you will find some useful information about this city that will enable you to plan your own escape to Chicago.HistoryIn 1673 French explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet passed through what is now Chicago. […]

Hello from Chicago – A Personal Tour of the Chicago Cultural Center

Yesterday, after our lovely Austrian breakfast we went downtown to the Chicago Cultural Center, the main downtown information hub for tourists, to ask some questions about the Pullman Historic District, a planned industrial community, built in the 1880s by industrial magnate George Pullman, creator of the famous Pullman sleeper cars. We figured this would be […]

Hello from Chicago – Chinatown and Second City

After thoroughly exploring the Pullman Historic District, we decided to check out Chinatown, one of the many ethnic neighbourhoods that Chicago has to offer. The weather had turned from cool and grey with the occasional peek of sunshine to dark, rainy and cold, so rather than walking around we decided to have an early dinner […]

Hello from Chicago – First Impressions

So here I am again, on another short excursion away from home. I’ve been awake for an hour already and decided the best thing is to get up and put my first impressions on paper. Since there is only a one hour time difference between Toronto and Chicago I decided yesterday I wasn’t even going […]

Hello from Chicago – Multiple Austrian Connections

So the two of us expatriate Austrians are staying at the Arlington House Hostel, in itself an exciting experience, to be immersed in this environment of young (and older) travellers from all over the world.We got going early again this morning, at about 7 am. In the shower room Linda and I were talking and […]

Hello from Chicago – A Visit to the Pullman Historic District

After being appropriately prepped as a result of our visit to the Chicago Cultural Center we decided to head off yesterday to visit the Pullman Historic District, a planned industrial and residential community dating back to the 1880s, on Chicago’s South Side.In order to get there we took the red line all the way to […]

Playing Chess in Russia – The Agony of Victory

Russians have a thing for chess and, frankly, are very good at it. Being from San Diego, I thought chess was something you put photo albums in.Playing ChessPlaying chess requires thinking ten or twelve steps ahead. If I wanted to understand the Russian mind, I had to learn to play chess. If nothing else, it […]

Hello from Chicago – The Field Museum and Pompeii – Stories from an Eruption

Yesterday I got up early again and typed up my travel reports on the free computer at the Arlington House. Then my friend Linda and I made our way to one of our favourite Chicago hangouts for breakfast: the “Bourgeois Pig Cafe” is located close to the intersection of Fullerton and Halsted/Lincoln and is a […]

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